Tasting Cultures Foundation
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Our Actions

The Tasting Cultures Foundations collaborates to create dynamic educational materials and multimedia events with artists, educators, community groups, scientists, chefs and culinary experts, farmers, and environmental advocates. We work in two distinct ways:

Our interactive multiplatform Arts of Foodways series connects people to food via exhibits, performance, musical, culinary and cooking events.

Our Meal by Meal Seed Grants provide a space to shine on a light on those individuals and communities who are working broadly on culinary, agricultural, and biocultural diversity.

TCF explores the rich variety of global foodways and the manner in which these cultural practices influence our lives; our communities; and our local, regional, and global ecosystems. Using methods that engage all the senses, we encourage communities to remember their own food and food traditions—to “taste” memory, “taste” tradition, and “taste” culture—to experience forgotten foods in new ways, and to use this knowledge to nurture attitudes and promote policies that support sane, sustainable practices for a livable world.

The Tasting Cultures Foundation is a registered 501(c)(3) in the State of New York, USA. EIN # 27-2133418 © 2009-2014