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Our Supporters

At The Tasting Cultures Foundation, we rely on the kind contributions of individuals, foundations and corporations. We believe that philanthropy is a shared responsibility and that each of us should have a chance to give and to receive. We see each supporter of TCF as an equal partner in our work locally, nationally and globally. Unlike many nonprofit groups, we do not categorize our supporters by the amount they have donated. We hope that all donors give what they can to the best of their ability.

Individual contributors

Anonymous, Anonymous (in honor of Drs. Khurshid & Bilqis Khan), Bob & Jane Archibald Brenda Baker, Laura Baldwin, Lisha Bell, Ann Berger, Erika Brewer, Amanda Carlson, Susan Clancy, Sonya Y. Clark, Monique Curnen, Alexis Davis, Henry J. Drewal, Alessandra Coccopalmeri, Bernard duBreuil, Jane Ann Warner Dukuray, Lolis Eric Elie, Makalé Faber-Cullen (In honor of Mary Kepecs Faber), Linda Fulponi (In honor of Clara Porta), Nancy Gabriel, Kathy Germann, Karen Hall, Tracy Honn, Naya Jones, Kate Joyce, Tom Joyce, Tom and Julie Joyce, Maggy Anderson Keet, Amos Paul Kennedy Jr., Jamal Khan, Khurshid & Bilqis Khan, Naween Khan, Lance Tatro, Zane Tatro, Shirin Khan, Lisa Lauterbach Laskin, Jay McCormack, Letitia McCune, Leslie D. Mark, Chris Miller, Miller-Trabold Family, Ann Mitchell, Nadia Mustafa, Anita Buchert Roy Naimi, Suzanne Chambliss Neil, Rachel Nyback, Mallika Ramdas, Sunny Narang & Meeta Sandeep (In memory of Satya Pal Narang), Mary Regan (In honor of Henry and Sarah), Ijaz and Neofar Shafi (In memory of Akhtar Nasim Anwar Beg and Mrs. Asghari Rahman), Shamsa Shafi, Smith College Class of 1967, Atif Toor, Douglas Trainor, Patricia West-Barker, Lois & Rafael Wurzel (In honor of Bilqis Khan)

Foundations and Grants

The Robert Sillins Family Foundation

Non-Profit Collaborators

Archeworks, Chicago IL
Latino Arts Council, Inc., Milwaukee WI
Southern Foodways Alliance, Oxford MS
Amagansett Food Institute, Amagansett, NY

Business/Corporate Collaborators

Bindaas Collective, New Delhi, India
Garden In The Koop, Hillsborough, NC
KennedyPrints!, Gordo AL
Natural Gourmet Institute, NY NY
FuseBOX, Oakland, CA


Sunhui Chang & Ellen Sebastian Chang, Makalé Faber-Cullen; FUSEBOX; Theaster Gates and The Black Monks of Mississippi; Mary Hark; Maureen Hark; Amos Paul Kennedy Jr.; Simran Preeti Sethi; Fereshteh Toosi; Debora Kuetzpalin Vasquez

The Tasting Cultures Foundation is a registered 501(c)(3) in the State of New York, USA. EIN # 27-2133418 © 2009-2014