Tasting Cultures Foundation

Our Mission

The mission of the Tasting Cultures Foundation is to collaborate with individuals and communities, nationally and globally, to develop multimedia art and education on food culture. We explore, illuminate, and act upon the connections between our diverse food traditions, social justice, environmental and agricultural practices, food security, nutrition, and many other issues.

Our Point of View

The Tasting Cultures Foundation views the world through the lens of food—food as tradition, as celebration, as artistic expression, as body politic, as community touchstone. Everyone eats and every culture has its roots in healing, hunting and gathering, growing and cooking with food. Food and foodways are at the very heart of human culture. At the core of our organization’s efforts, we seek to reconnect to food and culture to inspire the sort of social, artistic, and environmental change the world is hungry for.

Our Vision

At the Tasting Cultures Foundation, we envision a world where fresh fruit, vegetables, and food sourced from animals are available and affordable for all; where local food and the economies that support them are diverse and vibrant; where everyone has the choice to grow food; where we celebrate the world’s culinary traditions; and where we respect and employ the knowledge of multiple healing systems and sustainable agriculture practices. We work to bring this vision to life by promoting the rediscovery and celebration of diverse food traditions; emphasizing access to affordable, nutritious food for all people; and celebrating culinary, cultural, agricultural, and biological diversity that makes for a healthy planet.

The Tasting Cultures Foundation is a registered 501(c)(3) in the State of New York, USA. EIN # 27-2133418 © 2009-2014